I have dozens and dozens of originals from over the past two years which I will be putting up individually on my Etsy store in the next few days. If there’s any specific drawing from these two photos (not everything I have!) that interests you, send me through a message! Mostly Copic markers, some in ink and water colours. First photo are all A4 and A5 in size, second A3.

Gimme that early 90’s fashion.

Third time’s the charm….

It’s 1986. A kid gets kicked off the A-League hockey team for bad behaviour on the ice. As punishment, he’s forced to teach the beginner’s class for the rest of the season. By accident he meets a girl with potential - and a chance to redeem himself.

Killer soundtrack. Awesome friendship. Lots of ice hockey. My kind of movie.


Dreams is an exploration in nostalgia and childhood, with a heavy emphasis on re-contextualising familiar imagery and pushing it back out the way I wanted to see it. The posters feature stylised photography of my own; the places could be anywhere U.S.A - highlighting how Americanised Australian culture is - but are in fact locations where I grew up and hold strong memories for me. Whether these images are important because of their ties to America or in spite of is something I myself have pondered.

The characters I have used operate on two levels - on the one hand, they are graphic representations of important figures to me, people who have become almost friends to someone who spent a great deal of their childhood on their own. On the other, I have purposely designed them to subvert gender roles. I grow tired of seeing sexualised women on posters, on merchandise and in films, and yet the time period I cling to - the 80’s and early 90’s - began to offer a new style of women, ones who were spunky, unique and didn’t have to get the guy in the end. My posters may not offer much in the way of potential plots on the surface, but all have story lines with strong women and men who belay the cookie-cutter-macho character.

On a final note, music has played a big role in the creation of these works, as to me music can define our memories even more strongly than imagery. Each have their own atmosphere, their own moods and these are tightly linked with the music I was listening to at the time.

Have some Justice in Thriller-esque jackets and Busy P, because I’ve been just a little addicted to Genesis today.

I’ve discovered French House. The movie that Michael and Diana should’ve made around 1980. If only.

And a slightly alternate version, because I couldn’t decide between the two.

Nobody on the road, nobody on the beach. I feel it in the air, that summer’s out of reach…

I don’t care, that song is a goddamn masterpiece.

Marching Band outfits are cool, man.

Sort of a re-imagining of this really cute movie with Olivia D’Abo and Keanu Reeves - in fact his first movie ever. It’s called a myriad of different things (Teenage Dream, Flying, Dare to Dream), and it’s like a low-budget Flashdance with Gymnastics, but I really love it for all it’s dorkiness.