Hey again guys!

Okay, so I’ve gone and spoken with the printer I’m using for the jumpers/shirts and it’s just going to be an absolute nightmare trying to get a big print done all over the garment, and to also do it in a four-colour process (which means getting all the colours exact to the drawings via layering four layers of cyan, magenta, yellow and black). So I’ve gone back and revised the drawings I want to use, dropped them down to simpler designs and tried to keep the feel of them as much as possible while not breaking the bank, haha! This also means I can sell them to you guys at a cheaper price.

So this is what I’m going to do; if everybody could reply or send me a message with the design they want to buy/like best, I’ll tally those up and get a prototype made. Once I’ve taken a photo of that prototype so you can all see what it’s going to look like in real life, I’ll be taking orders in a lot of 20, after which I’ll take another vote to the next design people want to see.

Just a few things to note -

1. They’ll definitely be on white, crewneck jumpers.

2. I’ll have all sizes available from XS to XXL

3. The price I’m aiming to sell at is 30 dollars AUS

4. The printing is being done with a small company, so all by hand and with love!

5. I’m definitely taking suggestions for other drawings you’d like to see!

So yup, that’s basically it for the moment. So let me know what design tickles your fancy! I’m going to get the prototype done as soon very quickly, and I’ll need to start printing soon after that because otherwise it’ll be too expensive to set up the screens again etc. So if people could let me know how serious they are about ordering, that would be fantastic too!

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  13. justdoitwithstyle answered: i love the bad 25 one
  14. showinghowfunky answered: Bad 25 looks the best. I would defiantly buy it
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  16. bigbrotherselfie answered: 2 and 4!