Hello I’m rusty. “Nice to meet you rusty, I’m dad.”

Bring back Uffie but with an entire album produced by Guy-Man in trap style. Please.

July is a month of sketching sketching sketching 

A Cigarette Break With Two Dark Horses (2013)

Riton’s new Battle Weapons is up! Check out Aloha Hazyville over here - https://soundcloud.com/ritontime/ritontime-battle-weapons-4-aloha-hazyville

Doodles from yesterday

For my fellow Daft Punk fans…just put up this little original sketch! You can buy it over here - http://etsy.com/au/listing/195419795/daft-punk-original-drawing?

Original drawings/sketches now up on my etsy store! Varied sizes, all in Copic marker and pen. I ship internationally!


The 90’s guitar riffs though for the villain themes. That’s sort of what made it for me. It’s so deliciously set in the early 90’s. Like Bill and Ted meets anime.

Oh my God.


Sailor Moon Crystal was everything I ever wanted it to be. It was so beautifully retro and yet modern at the same time. The music was absolutely perfect; I swear my heart was pounding the entire time. Mamoru actually felt and looked like the high school boy we all had a crush on; dark and mysterious, but also lanky and not quite filled out yet. The animation was downright gorgeous in parts.

I think what I loved the most was that there was an atmosphere that the original anime lacked in some sense. I really felt a sense of supernatural and wonder with this first episode of Crystal, like something truly big was happening and I was right there along for the ride.

I think I may have to cry now. This is a truly beautiful addition to a huge part of my childhood.